Dr. Kristina Sterling

Educator Success Manager

Get to Know Kristina…

Kristina Sterling, Ed. D. has over 10 years of experience in education. Kristina has developed and facilitated training and preparation for aspiring educators both within districts and in university-based educator preparation programs. Kristina has deep knowledge of special education pedagogy and methods, socio-emotional learning, strategies for teaching English Language Learners, and instructional design that supports all learners in the classroom.

She has produced and led professional development opportunities for practicing teachers across school districts with specific areas of focus, including culturally relevant practices, socio-emotional learning, and practices that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Kristina serves as Educator Success Manager for Passage Preparation, facilitating engagement with educator preparation programs and local education agencies and facilitating successful implementation and positive outcomes for aspiring educators enrolled in Passage Preparation courses to prepare for their teacher licensure assessments.