Pass your Praxis® Exams and Become a Certified Teacher in Colorado!

Are you preparing for your Colorado Teacher Certification test and need help knowing where to start? Then read on. We have broken down the tests you need to take for teacher certification in Colorado and the best way to prepare.

Colorado requires prospective teachers to pass the Praxis® assessments necessary for their licensure area. These exams may be challenging and are based on standards related to the content areas you are required to teach as well as specific pedagogical knowledge and strategies. When you pass these exams, you demonstrate that you have the required knowledge and skills to provide high-quality instruction and support to your students. Passage Preparation™ courses help you understand how to study for these teacher certification tests. Let Passage Preparation support your Colorado teacher certification journey!

Colorado Teacher Certification Requirements

Colorado requires the following to achieve initial teacher certification:

  • Hold a Baccalaureate (bachelor’s) or higher degree from an accepted, regionally accredited institution of higher education;
  • Complete an approved teacher preparation program at an accepted institute of higher education a provide an approved program verification form;
  • Demonstrate professional competencies in the subject areas by completing 24 semester hours of course credit as demonstrated through transcript evaluation or passage of the Colorado State Board of Education-approved content assessment relevant to the area of endorsement sought.

Teacher Certification Tests to Pass in Colorado

Colorado requires specific certification tests which you must pass in order to earn your teaching license.

Basic Skills Assessments

You may need to submit basic skills knowledge assessments to be accepted into an educator preparation program. These may include the SAT® or ACT®.

Praxis® Subject Assessments in Colorado

What test do you need to take? Colorado requires Praxis® Content Area or Subject Assessments for multiple endorsement areas. Specific requirements for each endorsement area are listed here. Praxis® test requirements for common endorsement areas are highlighted below:

Early Childhood

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

Special Education

Are you preparing to become a teacher in Colorado? Map highlighting the state of CO

How can Test Preparation Help you Prepare for your Exams?

  • Get to Know the Test Format: Become familiar with the format of the test you are taking, including the number of questions and types of questions.
  • Review the Content Standards and Categories: Review the content areas that will be covered on the exam.
  • Take a Diagnostic Assessment: Take a diagnostic assessment at the beginning of the course to help you identify areas of study throughout your asynchronous course. Assessments and quizzes help you check for understanding and application.
  • Create a Study Plan: This study plan allows you to identify your high needs areas and make a plan to target specific competencies to increase your chance of success.
  • Study Content Aligned to the Standards Covered on Your Test: Passage Preparation courses expand on the specific content areas, standards, and competencies covered on your test with high-quality, in-depth content developed by subject matter experts with years of experience in the classroom.
  • Complete Practice Assessments: Passage Preparation’s practice assessments, included in each course, are designed to reflect the structure of your actual certification test. With an extensive bank of test items designed in the same style as your licensure assessment items, you can take this assessment as many times as necessary and experience new items each time. Your practice assessment will include constructed response items if the corresponding licensure test includes these types of items.
  • Analyze Your Progress: When you submit your diagnostic assessment, quizzes, and practice assessment, you receive detailed feedback explaining the rationale behind the correct and incorrect responses. Also, you receive an assessment report through your Passage Preparation account at These reports show you your mastery of domains and competencies at a detailed level, allowing you to identify areas for additional study.
  • Get Support: Passage Preparation provides live webinars for additional support to successfully complete the courses.
  • Take Breaks: Just as you would advise your students prior to taking an important assessment, you should also take regular breaks to clear your brain and increase focus throughout your preparation.
  • Stay Positive: Believe in yourself and maintain a positive mindset, recalling your preparation and your study through Passage Preparation courses. These are powerful tools that will help you achieve success on the Praxis® exams.

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