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Prepare Your Teachers To Pass Their Certification Tests

Our approach to test preparation is different. Developed by teachers and delivered via Canvas, our teacher certification test prep courses provide candidates with study guides and practice test questions which are designed to represent what they will see on their test.

When you partner with us, you get:

  • Dedicated Educator Success Manager
  • Candidate Performance Data
  • Webinars for Content & Test Preparation
  • Deeply Discounted Vouchers

A Partnership that Matters

Approachable Pricing: Contact us to discuss how to purchase vouchers in bulk at a significantly reduced rate and learn more about the benefits of a partnership. 

Candidate Performance Tracking and Data: We understand the need to use your dollars wisely. That’s why we provide candidate performance data to bring transparency to candidates’ work on diagnostic, formative, and summative quizzes. Additionally, our reports provide insight into how much time your candidates spend in each course. 

FREE Customized Webinars and Informational Sessions

A Partnership that Supports Your Candidates

You want the best for your candidates and that includes setting them up for success on their state licensure assessments. Passage Preparation provides interactive study guides and practice tests that are delivered as courses in Canvas. These expertly aligned courses were designed and developed by teachers and teacher educators.  

These courses present the content covered on state licensing exams in the context of the P12 teaching experience. Candidates begin the course by completing a diagnostic assessment and a study plan. From there, they matriculate through a series of modules aligned to the standards and domains for each test. Along the way, they complete formative assessments and quizzes to help guide their preparation. At the conclusion of the course, they have unlimited opportunities to complete practice tests that emulate the assessment.

“This course is far more in-depth than what is available elsewhere. The content and materials are engaging and our candidates will benefit from this kind of preparation.”

Jillian McGraw, Ed.D. Director, Teacher Education

“Since working with Passage Preparation and attending their free online lectures for members, I feel more confident about taking the test. I highly recommend Passage Preparation to anyone doubting their abilities or wanting a one-stop shop for test data and information.”

Zach Ritch

“Passage Prep not only had facts I needed to know, but taught me the reason behind the facts, how to use those facts to assist students and improve my teaching of specific subjects to a specific audience.”

Roman McCoy

More than a Practice Test

Passage Preparation courses contain both study guides and practice tests, but also provide numerous opportunities for formative assessment and feedback.

Aligned to Test Content

Comprehensive courses aligned to content measured on the actual licensure assessments with embedded practice tests.

Self-paced, Online, and Asynchronous

Passage Preparation courses are designed to be engaging and informative, with appropriate depth and breadth providing a superior study guide for teacher certification test preparation.

Buy Vouchers In Bulk To Save

10 – 199 / $37.50
(Save $7.50 .ea)

200 – 499 / $30
(Save $15 .ea)

500+ – $22.50
(Save $22.50 .ea)

10 – 199 / $75
(Save $15 .ea)

200 – 499 / $60
(Save $30 .ea)

500+ – $45
(Save $45 .ea)

10 – 199 / $25
(Save $5 .ea)

200 – 499 / $20
(Save $10 .ea)

500+ – $15
(Save $15 .ea)

10 – 199 / $50
(Save $10 .ea)

200 – 499 / $40
(Save $20 .ea)

500+ – $30
(Save $30 .ea)

FREE Teaching Channel Subscription With Purchase!

With the purchase of Passage Preparation courses, Teaching Channel will provide your teacher candidates with a 6-month complimentary subscription! This subscription will give your teacher candidates access to the Teaching Channel video library of 1,500+ video resources.

Get Access To Our Free Course Catalog

We will email you our free course catalog where you can learn more about our course development process and also find a list of courses developed for the various licensure assessments.

Education Preparation Provider FAQs

Does Passage Preparation™ Offer Discounts When Purchasing Multiple Vouchers?2024-02-28T15:14:20+00:00

Passage Preparation™ offers discounts when purchasing vouchers in bulk for your candidates. Vouchers can be purchased in 30-day or 90-day increments.

How Do I Issue Vouchers To My Candidates?2024-02-28T15:15:25+00:00

You can easily issue vouchers to your candidates by accessing your Passage account and either adding each candidate’s email individually in your account home page or uploading candidate information in bulk. The video below provides instructions for both methods.

How do I purchase courses for my students/candidates?2024-02-28T15:09:51+00:00

Passage Preparation offers discounted vouchers that can be purchased in various quantities to meet your needs. After purchase, individual voucher codes will be provided to you for distribution to your students/candidates. These voucher codes can be used during the checkout process to reduce the cart total by the valued amount of the voucher purchased.

Students/candidates will be responsible for the any automatic subscription renewal after the initial purchase using the voucher has reached its completion.

Learn more about our voucher tiers and discounts here.

How do I Redeem a Voucher?2024-02-28T15:08:51+00:00

If your educator preparation program or school district has shared a Passage Preparation voucher code with you, you can redeem this code at To do so, follow the link to that you received in the email from your program or school. Click on “Individuals” in the top right-hand corner. Then, navigate to the state for which you are preparing for licensure.

Identify the course that aligns to the test you are preparing to take. Click on that course and then select either a 30 or 90-day subscription. The email you received will indicate which subscription to choose. Add to cart, and then copy and paste the voucher code from the email to the “Voucher” field. Click “Apply,” and then check out.

On your confirmation page, click “Access My Courses,” which will take you to your Passage Account. From your account, click “Access my Online Courses.” This will take you directly to your Canvas dashboard, where you will see the courses for which you have redeemed a voucher.

How do I track how many course codes I have distributed to my students?2024-02-28T15:15:39+00:00

Upon completion of a voucher purchase, your voucher codes will be generated and available in both the emailed purchase receipt as well as on the Payment History tab under My Account. These voucher codes are one-time use codes.

It is our recommendation that you paste these codes into a spreadsheet or word processing document to keep track of when and to whom each code is distributed to in order to make management easier.

At this time, you are unable to provide information on which codes have/have not been used for a purchase so it is important to keep track of your own distribution log.

What is the difference between 30 day or 90 day initial subscription?2024-02-28T15:05:27+00:00

A 30 day initial subscription grants 30 days of access to the course before the automatically renewing monthly subscription period begins. The 90 day initial subscription grants 90 days of access to the course before the automatically renewing monthly subscription period begins.

Where do my candidates go if they have technical questions?2024-02-28T14:52:39+00:00

Students who have technical questions about the Learning Management System provided by Canvas, may access the Canvas Help center via their Canvas Dashboard. Students may also contact Passage at 877-787-7828 or for questions about their account or vouchers.

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