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Passage Preparation provides an easy way for you to get vouchers in the hands of the teachers in your district or school quickly.

Vouchers can be purchased for subscriptions valid for 30 or 90 days and can always be renewed.

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Support for Your Teachers

Whether seeking an initial license to teach or expanding their credentials, teachers in your district or school can rely on support from Passage Preparation™ to prepare for state licensing exams.

Our dynamic study guides and interactive practice tests are delivered as single courses in Canvas. Harnessing the power of that learning management system, our Educator Success Managers can provide you and your team with insight into how teachers are progressing through the course, how well they did on practice assessments, and give you a general idea of how long each candidate spent in the course.

By purchasing vouchers, you not only obtain a deep discount but also gain access to webinars customized for teachers in your school or district. To purchase vouchers, click here to learn more or schedule a time to discuss options with us.

Set Your Candidates Up for Success

Recent national reports indicate approximately half of all candidates for teacher licensure assessments pass on the first attempt. That means equally as many fail. Enroll your candidates and teachers in our courses well in advance of their anticipated test date and set them up for success.

“This course is far more in-depth than what is available elsewhere. The content and materials are engaging and our candidates will benefit from this kind of preparation.”

Jillian McGraw, Ed.D. Director, Teacher Education

“Since working with Passage Preparation and attending their free online lectures for members, I feel more confident about taking the test. I highly recommend Passage Preparation to anyone doubting their abilities or wanting a one-stop shop for test data and information.”

Zach Ritch

“Passage Prep not only had facts I needed to know, but taught me the reason behind the facts, how to use those facts to assist students and improve my teaching of specific subjects to a specific audience.”

Roman McCoy

More than a Practice Test

Passage Preparation courses contain both study guides and practice tests, but also provide numerous opportunities for formative assessment and feedback.

Aligned to Test Content

Comprehensive courses aligned to content measured on the actual licensure assessments with embedded practice tests.

Self-paced, Online, and Asynchronous

Passage Preparation courses are designed to be engaging and informative, with appropriate depth and breadth providing a superior study guide for teacher certification test preparation.

FREE Teaching Channel Subscription With Purchase!

With the purchase of Passage Preparation courses, Teaching Channel will provide your teacher candidates with a 6-month complimentary subscription! This subscription will give your teacher candidates access to the Teaching Channel video library of 1,500+ video resources.

Get Access To Our Free Course Catalog

We will email you our free course catalog where you can learn more about our course development process and also find a list of courses developed for the various licensure assessments.

Schools & Districts FAQs

What are Multiple Choice Items?2024-03-11T17:39:19+00:00

Multiple choice, or selected response, items are included on most of your teacher certification tests. These items are typically structured so that there is an item stem, or question to which you will respond. They also typically include four answer choices. This is why they are called multiple choice items. These answer choices are usually labeled A., B., C., D. You are usually required to select the best possible answer to the item stem out of the four answer choices.

There are usually two response options that you can eliminate quickly in a selected response item. You are then left with the correct answer and the distractor. A distractor is a response option that makes sense given the item stem, but isn’t the best answer due to a specific detail or context within the item stem. By preparing with Passage Preparation courses, you will be able to identify the correct answers for items in your content area.

Which teacher certification test is the hardest to pass?2024-03-11T17:33:49+00:00

The short answer is “the test you have to take”. Learn more about this question in our article What is the Hardest Teaching Certification Test to Pass?

What is a Diagnostic Assessment?2024-03-11T17:34:55+00:00

A diagnostic assessment is an assessment you take prior to studying to identify content areas and standards which you should prioritize while you study. Passage Preparation™ courses include a diagnostic assessment at the beginning of your course, which includes approximately 40 multiple choice, or selected response, items. These items are aligned to the overarching standards, sometimes called domains or content categories, covered on your teacher certification test.

Once you submit your diagnostic assessment in a Passage Preparation™ course, you will receive feedback on the correct and incorrect answers, including information about why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect. You will also receive an overall score in your Canvas course and a Diagnostic Assessment Report through your Passage Preparation™ account, which shows you your level of mastery at each standard.

You can then use these results to develop a study plan to help you work through the robust, in-depth content offered in all Passage Preparation™ courses.

Why are your study materials better than others’?2024-03-11T17:32:18+00:00

Passage Preparation partners with expert and experienced teachers and teacher educators to examine content covered on state licensing exams closely. Developed by these expert educators, our courses demystify the content and structure of your test and provide you with interactive items and practice assessments aligned to the structure of your test, which help you prepare to recall the content you have mastered and to expertly approach the types of items you will see on the exam. In other words, your subscription to Passage Preparation provides more than just practice tests because we provide a deep and extensive overview of the content you need to know to be successful on your certification exams.

What are practice assessments and how are they helpful?2024-03-11T17:38:18+00:00

Passage PreparationTM Practice Assessments

Passage Preparation courses include practice assessments that reflect the structure of your certification test. Our courses include banks of hundreds of test items that mirror your licensure exam test items, so you can take our practice tests multiple times and experience new items, all aligned to your test’s standards, each time. If your certification test includes constructed response items, our course aligned to that test will include multiple examples of responses that would reach a passing score on the test rubric and opportunities for you to practice constructing responses to these items.

Additional Features

In addition to our practice assessments, your Passage Preparation courses will always include a diagnostic assessment at the outset. This assessment will allow you to identify content standards you should prioritize as you study for your test to prepare for teacher certification.


You will also receive feedback on your responses, highlighting the correct response to each item and why it is correct based on the standard or content, as well as why the incorrect response options are incorrect.

Finally, you will receive an assessment report through your Passage Preparation account each time you take one of our practice tests. This report will show you the domains or standards you have mastered and the competencies or substandards you should study further. This is an easy way to identify areas for further study and can also serve as evidence of your preparation if you are required to take a preparation course to register for your teacher certification test.

A practice assessment is a test that is designed to help you prepare for the certification test or licensure test for which you are studying. These tests should reflect the length and structure of your actual certification exam. If your certification test includes both multiple choice, or selected response, and constructed response items, your practice assessment should also include both item types.

Taking practice tests help you prepare in multiple ways:

  • Experience the structure and wording of different items
  • Get comfortable with various item types
  • Learn and understand how your items will be scored
  • Receive feedback on your responses and apply this understanding to further study and your actual certification test
  • Identify areas where you should focus your continued study

Item Types

Most certification exams include selected response items, or items which include a question stem and answer choices. In many cases, only one answer choice is correct. In some cases, your assessment may include a “Select All That Apply” option, which requires you to identify any and all answer choices that are correct responses to the question.

Constructed response items are typically short answer or essay questions in which you are presented with a stimulus such as an image or an equation to which you must write a response based on the directions. These are often scored with a rubric which describes the level of detail and analysis your response must show to reach a certain score point.


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