Join the Passage PreparationTM Educator Success Network (ESN) – a cadre of expert educators contributing to content development and providing support to aspiring teachers and those who prepare and support them.

Join a Professional Network

Passage Preparation partners with teachers and teacher educators to develop courses and instructional resources designed to support aspiring educators in preparing for their certification tests. We are seeking individuals possessing requisite subject-matter expertise with the ability to write clear content, produce practice test items/questions, and design instructional activities within our learning management system. Members of the network may also be called upon to deliver virtual workshops or webinars or create video content to augment our existing curriculum. If you would like to partner with us as a paid consultant developing study guides and materials, please complete this form providing us with information about your background and experience.

Support Aspiring Teachers

Put yourself in the mindset of an aspiring educator or beginning teacher. The reality of a high-stakes assessment can be daunting. As a member of the Passage Preparation Educator Success Network, we will ask you to produce content to help demystify what is necessary for success on the exam by presenting it in the context of what you need to know in the classroom.

We ask that you remember what it was like as you prepared for the Praxis®, the TExES™, National Evaluation Series (NES®) or other tests required for your certification. You will be paired with an Assessment Preparation Content Development Manager (Manager) who will walk you through our robust and growing collection of academic content, existing graphics, and an overview of the standards for a specific assessment. Throughout the process, the Manager will be there to guide and support you as a build the study materials you wish you would have had available to to you when you prepared for your licensure exam.

Questions about The Educator Success Network?

If you have questions about our work, our approach to creating test preparation resources, or wish to collaborate with us, feel free to email Nathan Estel, Managing Director at Passage Preparation, at Otherwise, simply fill out the form and we will be in touch!

Growing Our Mission

Candidates required to pass the PraxisTM, TExESTM, National Evaluation Series™ (NES®) , or the Foundations of ReadingTM (FOR) can rely on Passage Preparation to help them pass their test. Members of the Educators Success Network will assist in enhancing our current offerings and growing our course catalog to reach additional candidates in others states, increasing the pipeline of diverse educators entering the nation’s classrooms.

Enroll in a Passage Preparation Course for FREE

You can enroll in the TExES™ Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) course by creating an account at Passage Preparation. Simply select the PPR from the available courses, proceed to checkout, and you will be enrolled in the course. This course provides an excellent overview of the work we do and how you as member of the ESN can contribute!

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About the Author: Nathan Estel

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Nathan has over 20 years of experience in the educator preparation and certification space. In that time, Nathan has worked in a state education agency, leading the state’s efforts to recruit, prepare, license, and retain professional and support staff and on the national level for large companies providing assessment solutions for the education field.

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