As a teacher candidate, have you ever wondered what is the hardest teaching certification test to pass?

As a student teacher, I was energized by my real-world experience in the classroom and felt confident in my content knowledge and ability to connect with students. However, I was anxious about my ability to pass the rigorous content and pedagogy assessments required of me to earn certification in my state. I had a lot of questions: Which tests did I need to take? Which were the hardest, and did I have the skill set to be successful on a high-stakes certification exam? What resources were available to help me prepare for these tests? The time I spent thinking about these questions could have been better spent engaging in high-quality test preparation so that I could feel confident when taking my certification assessments.

Here are the Hardest Teaching Certification Tests


Data on Test Pass Rates

Data from the National Council for Teacher Quality (NCTQ) indicate that only 46% of prospective teachers pass the Praxis Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Test on their first attempt. Other states use state-specific tests built by Pearson; NCTQ reports that 71% of candidates in Texas pass their elementary education core subjects tests on the first attempt. The bottom line is that teacher candidates may be prepared to enter the classroom, but must possess the skills to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities on test day in order to pass their certification exams and earn licensure.

Does it matter?

The big picture? Certification exams are rigorous and require preparation. When asking yourself which test is the hardest to pass for your certification, the truth is that the hardest test to pass is the one standing between you and your professional license. You have the content knowledge and the passion. We have the resources to prepare you to succeed.  

Regardless if you are taking the hardest teaching certification test (or the easiest!), we are here to help. Our team has worked with expert educators to take the mystery out of what you need to know to be ready on test day. Enroll in our courses and confidently register for your test knowing you are prepared for safe passage to success! 

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About the Author: Nathan Estel

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Nathan has over 20 years of experience in the educator preparation and certification space. In that time, Nathan has worked in a state education agency, leading the state’s efforts to recruit, prepare, license, and retain professional and support staff and on the national level for large companies providing assessment solutions for the education field.

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