Navigating the path to becoming a certified teacher in several states involves taking one or more Praxis® tests. Administered by the Educational Testing Service, or ETS, the Praxis® series is designed to assess the academic skills and subject-specific content or pedagogical knowledge of aspiring educators. Given the importance of these exams in the journey to becoming a certified teacher, understanding their costs is important for your planning and budgeting. 

Praxis® Subject Assessments

Several states require the Praxis® assessments for teacher certification and some states require you to take one or more Praxis® tests. These exams evaluate your knowledge of subject-specific content knowledge. 

For example, if you are seeking certification to teach Chemistry in Indiana, you must take and pass the Praxis® Chemistry (5246). Registering for the test will cost between $120 and $160, depending on the complexity of the test. Specifically, some tests contain only multiple-choice questions, while others contain both multiple-choice and constructed response questions.

Praxis® Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT)

The Praxis® Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) exams are designed to assess the pedagogical knowledge and teaching skills of aspiring educators, focusing on their understanding of instructional practices, classroom management, and theories of student learning. These exams are differentiated based on grade level, and as of March 2024, each Praxis® PLT costs $156. 

Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core)

The Praxis® Core tests are often the first step for those entering the education field. These exams assess skills in reading, writing, and mathematics that are essential for all educators. As of March 2024, each test costs $90 but can be combined in a single registration for $150. 

Cost Considerations

Becoming a teacher can be costly, but having a professional license is worth it! Your best bet to reduce the cost is to pass the initial licensure exams on your first attempt and the best way to accomplish that is to prepare with materials provided by Passage Preparation

For the most current information on test fees and registration, always consult the official ETS® website. With proper preparation and careful planning, you can tackle the Praxis® exams confidently, setting the stage for a rewarding career in education.

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