Texas Teacher Certification Tests

Anyone who wants to teach in Texas must obtain a license to do so from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Of the many requirements established to become a teacher, everyone must successfully pass Texas teacher certification tests measuring their knowledge of the content they plan to teach and their understanding of pedagogy and professional responsibilities. Additionally, for some areas of certification, it is required to demonstrate mastery of the science of teaching reading. 

The TEA oversees a process in which Texas teachers and teacher educators, people who work in the service of preparing prospective teachers, with subject-matter knowledge contribute to the development of the standards that make up the wide range of TExES™ content, pedagogy, and literacy assessments. Texas teachers and teacher educators also contribute to establishing the score that individuals must achieve to pass these tests. To learn more about that process and verify which assessments are required for specific endorsement areas, visit the TEA’s, ”Becoming a Classroom Teacher in Texas.”

Texas Teacher Certification Requirements

According to the TEA website, applicants for licensure must: 1) complete a bachelor’s degree; 2) complete an approved educator preparation program; 3) pass certification exams; 4) submit an application to the TEA; and 5) submit fingerprints as part of a criminal background check. 

For help passing the certification exam, review Passage Preparation™ courses aligned to each subject area at https://passagepreparation.com/state/texas/.

Teacher Certification Tests to Pass in Texas

Everyone seeking a license to teach in Texas must successfully complete the TExES™ Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) assessment. Passage Preparation™ provides a FREE course to anyone who sets up an account that is closely aligned to the domains and competencies measured on the PPR.   

Additionally, teacher licensure candidates must complete a corresponding assessment of their knowledge of the content area or areas they wish to teach in Texas public schools. These testing requirements also vary according to the grade levels for which an individual is seeking a license to teach and the type of program in which they are enrolled. Candidates in a traditional program complete the assessments at the end of their program while candidates seeking alternative certification do so prior to admission.

Texas Testing Requirements for Early Childhood Education

Candidates pursuing a license to teach early childhood education in Texas must complete three exams:

Texas Testing Requirements for Elementary Education (EC – 6)

Texas Testing Requirements for Middle Grades 4-8

Texas Testing Requirements for Secondary Subjects Grades 7-12

Texas Testing Requirements for Early Childhood – Grade 12

Texas Testing Requirements for Special Education

Texas Testing Requirements for Career and Technical Education

How to Study for TExES™ Tests

Simply put, prepare. Certification tests were designed in collaboration with teachers and teacher educators to measure the depth and breadth of what someone needs to know before getting a professional license to teach. That is a lot of information for any subject area! 

Preparing for a high-stakes test takes time and discipline. Resources provided by Passage Preparation™ take the guesswork out of plotting a course of study. Expert educators break down content covered on licensure assessments into manageable modules and sections, allowing candidates opportunities to engage with the content, practice their test-taking skills, and generally feel confident and prepared when the time comes to the take the teacher certification test.

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