Visit Passage PreparationTM at the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) Quality Assurance Symposium in Indianapolis, IN, on February 22-23, 2023. Learn how candidates for licensure assessments can be better prepared and more confident on test day, increasing the likelihood they pass their exams on the first attempt.

Learn How Passage Preparation is Different

Stop by our table at the Quality Assurance Symposium to learn how Passage Preparation is different from other resources available to candidates to prepare for licensure assessments. Passage Preparation provides courses aligned to the domains, competencies, content categories, and fundamental concepts covered on Praxis® tests, the Foundations of ReadingTM, or the TExESTM suite of licensure assessments. In addition, candidates complete both diagnostic and practice tests with hundreds of sample multiple-choice questions, each providing feedback in real time.

More courses are under development and will be released soon. If you have a specific need for courses in your state, let us know! We are eager to partner and expand our catalog!

Get FREE Access to a Passage Preparation Course

Request a voucher for free access to a single course or bundle of courses aligned to state certification areas to see the Passage Preparation difference. If you are not attending the AAQEP Quality Assurance Symposium, email Nathan Estel, Managing Director, for your voucher to see for yourself how content is presented and candidates are provided an opportunity to practice their certification exam before test day.

Consider Joining the Educator Success Network

Passage Preparation partners with teachers and teacher educators to develop courses designed to support aspiring educators in preparing for their certification tests. We are seeking individuals possessing subject-matter expertise with the ability to write clear content, produce practice test items/questions, and design activities within our learning management system. Members of the network may also be called upon to deliver workshops or webinars for aspiring teachers and those who support them. If you would like to partner with us as a paid consultant developing study guides and materials, please complete this form providing us with information about your background and experience.

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About the Author: Nathan Estel

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Nathan has over 20 years of experience in the educator preparation and certification space. In that time, Nathan has worked in a state education agency, leading the state’s efforts to recruit, prepare, license, and retain professional and support staff and on the national level for large companies providing assessment solutions for the education field.

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