Passage Preparation™ has added courses for over 15 Ohio Assessments of Educators certification tests. Ohio requires teacher candidates to pass at least one OAE test designed to assess your content and pedagogical knowledge for specific certification areas. Depending on your certification area, you may need to take up to three OAE certification tests. To be successful, understand how these tests are constructed. You are taking an important step toward earning your educator certification. Passage Preparation™ can help you get to the finish line.

OAE Test Structure

The OAE tests are assessments of teacher candidates’ pedagogical and content knowledge. They are aligned to specific content areas or grade levels and aligned to Ohio state teacher and student learning standards. The Ohio Department of Education website provides in-depth information about these certification tests.

The OAE tests are computer-administered. Some are even available to take remotely, which means you do not need to visit a testing center to complete your certification exam; you can take them from home! These exams are proctored online. In these cases, a trained observer monitors your exam experience in real time.

OAE Test Scoring

Selected-Response Item Scoring

Each OAE test is scored on a 100-300 point basis. The Ohio Educator Licensure Testing requirements list 220 as the passing score for OAE tests. It is important to respond to each item on your OAE test. You earn points for every correct item response, but you earn zero points for incorrect responses. So, even if you have to guess at the answer for a multiple choice item, you have a 25% chance of getting the item correct and earning points toward your overall score. However, if you do not respond to an item at all, you miss the opportunity to earn points!

If Your Test Requires Constructed Response

The OAE Assessment of Professional Knowledge: 4-9 (002) and Assessment of Professional Knowledge: 7-12 (003) require constructed response items. To prepare for these items, it is important to review the rubric and understand the scoring process and structure. Passage Preparation™ courses break down your certification test’s rubric and provide you with examples of responses at passing score levels. This allows you to identify and construct a passing response.

Which OAE Tests Do I Need To Take?

The Ohio Department of Education has identified exams you must pass for specific certification areas. Passage Preparation™ offers over 15 courses to help you prepare for OAE tests:

Foundations of Reading (190)

In addition to your specific content-area and pedagogy tests, your certification area may require the Foundations of Reading (190) exam. This is a rigorous exam which measures candidates’ ability to deliver reading instruction. This includes understanding of the foundations of reading development, and development of reading comprehension. Additionally, reading assessment/instruction, foundational reading skills, and reading comprehension are also covered. The Passage Preparation Foundations of Reading course helps candidates understand what is expected of them on this assessment and, as with all of our courses, provides opportunities to practice applying your knowledge to test items aligned to the actual Foundations of Reading exam.

The following Ohio teacher certification areas require candidates to take and pass the Foundations of Reading (190) test:

  • Early childhood education (grades PreK-3)
  • Primary education (grades PreK-5)
  • Middle childhood education (grades 4-9)
  • Early childhood (grades PreK-3) intervention specialist
  • Primary (grades PreK-5) intervention specialist
  • Intervention specialist: mild/moderate
  • Intervention specialist: moderate/intensive
  • Intervention specialist: hearing impaired
  • Intervention specialist: visually impaired
  • Intervention specialist: gifted

How Long Does It Take to Receive Scores for the OAE?

In general, you receive OAE scores within two to three weeks. You will receive your score report via email if you request this option when you register for your test. Each test has a specific score report date, and the OAE program identifies these dates for each assessment.

How to Prepare for Your OAE Test

There are some strategies you can use to help you prepare for your tests. Passage Preparation’s courses include in-depth, high-quality content and assessments to help you master the content covered on your exam and to practice responding to items structured like those on the certification test.

Our courses include a diagnostic assessment to help you identify the areas you should prioritize as you study. Next, you will develop a study plan to help guide you through the course content modules.

Throughout the course, you will complete checks for understanding and quizzes to help you engage with the content and practice taking items structured like those on your test. Finally, you take a practice assessment, structured to reflect the actual certification test. You can take the practice assessment as many times as necessary to feel confident on your exam.

On Test Day

Ways to Prepare for Test Day

Get a good night’s sleep.

Eat breakfast.

Arrive at least 30 minutes early to find parking and check in.

Remember to bring required documents and identification.

Breathe. You’ve prepared with Passage Preparation; you’ve got this!

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