Passage Preparation™ now offers a course to help you prepare for the Praxis® Algebra I 5162 test. This test consists of 60 multiple-choice items. You have 150 minutes to complete this test.

Praxis® Algebra I 5162 Test Structure

ETS® develops and administers the Algebra I test. It is a computer-administered test. The questions on this test cover three distinct content categories which include content topics that provide more information about the content covered in each category:

Principles of Algebra

Writing algebraic expressions

Performing operations on polynomials

Equations and inequalities

Mathematical reasoning and justification

Techniques for solving equations and inequalities

Rate of change of nonlinear functions

Line and slope as rates of change



Function concepts and function notation

Analysis of function behavior through varied methods

How functions and relations are used to model relationships between quantities

Obtaining new functions from existing functions

Differences between linear, quadratic, and exponential models

Number & Quantity; Probability & Statistics

Properties of radicals and exponents

Properties of rational and irrational numbers

Quantitative reasoning and problem-solving

Techniques to summarize, represent, and interpret data

Linear regression

Probabilities of simple and compound events

On-Screen Graphing Calculator for the Algebra I Test

You are provided with an on-screen graphing calculator for the Algebra I (5162) test. ETS Praxis® provides suggestions for using the on-screen calculator, summarized below:

  • Only use the calculator for time-consuming or tedious computations.
  • When possible, conduct simple computations mentally.
  • Try to estimate the answer before using the calculator so you can evaluate the answer you arrive at when using the calculator.
  • If your answer should be in fraction form do not use decimals when using the calculator.

The Basics

Test Name Algebra I
Test Code 5162
Cost $130
Format 60 multiple choice items
Time 150 minutes
Passing Score Variable by state

Who Needs to Take the Praxis® Algebra I 5162?

Candidates in the following states may need to take the Algebra I test depending on certification area:

How to Prepare for the Algebra I Test

There are some strategies you can use to help you prepare for this test. Passage Preparation’s courses include in-depth, high-quality content and assessments to help you master the content covered on the exam and to practice responding to items structured like those on the certification test.

The image below shows the alignment between your Passage Preparation course modules and the competencies covered on the test.

Our courses include a diagnostic assessment to help you identify the areas you should prioritize as you study. Then, you will develop a study plan to help guide you through the course content modules.

Throughout the course, you will complete checks for understanding and quizzes to help you engage with the content and practice taking items structured like those on your test. Finally, you take a practice assessment which is structured to reflect the actual certification test. You can take the practice assessment as many times as necessary to feel confident on your exam.

On Test Day

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before the test
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Arrive early to find parking and check in to the testing site
  • Bring proper forms and identification
  • Breathe, relax, and remain confident in your preparation

Passage Preparation™ Courses for Other Praxis® Exams

Passage Preparation offers courses and course bundles to help you prepare for other Praxis exams required for certification in your state, including:

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