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Passage Preparation™ is thrilled to announce we are an approved provider of continuing professional education (CPE) credits through the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Passage Preparation now offers CPE in Texas and we are here to help you prepare for your test and provide you with a certificate of course completion for your test-limit waiver from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Additionally, if you are taking a Passage Preparation course to prepare for a test for an add-on endorsement, you can apply those CPE clock hours to your recertification CPE requirements.

What Is Continuing Professional Education and Why Do I Need It?

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) refers to courses or workshops that prepare you for passing a certification assessment in Texas or renewing your teaching license. Texas requires teachers to renew their license every five years; part of this process includes earning clock hours for CPE. CPE is also required to apply for a test-limit waiver for those who need to retake a certification test for a fifth time.

TEA requires you to earn CPE through an approved provider. Some providers offer in-person workshops or courses. Other providers offer asynchronous online courses. In each case, you need to show proof of course completion with a certificate listing the number of clock hours. Passage Preparation now offers CPE in Texas.

Passage Preparation Courses Can Be Used for CPE in Texas

Passage Preparation™ now offers CPE in Texas and our courses are offered online and asynchronously and can be counted for 25-30 clock hours of CPE. You can use this as part of your materials for a test-limit waiver application with TEA. You may also use these CPE clock hours toward your recertification

Texas allows teacher candidates to take their teacher certification tests up to five times to achieve a passing score. However, if you have taken and failed an exam four times, you must apply for a test-limit waiver to be able to take the certification test a fifth time. 

The test-limit waiver application requires you to take additional preparation for your TExES certification test. You can achieve this by enrolling in a Passage Preparation course to fulfill the test-limit waiver application requirements and help you prepare for your certification test retake.

How Do I Get a Test-Limit Waiver?

To obtain a test-limit waiver, you must:

  • Wait at least 45 calendar days until after your last exam attempt to apply for a waiver 
  • Fill out the application for a testing-limit waiver which is available on the TEA site
  • List the test name and number, and if you are completing an educator preparation program, note the program you are completing
  • List the highest score you have reached on any of your attempts for this test
  • Use this information to determine how many CPE clock hours you need. Passage Preparation’s courses range from 25-30 clock hours
  • If you retake a Core Subjects test, such as TExES EC-6 Core Subjects (391), you may need to study for multiple tests. Passage Preparation offers bundles of courses for your TExES core subjects tests!
  • Show evidence that you have taken additional test preparation through an approved CPE provider. Passage Preparation provides a certificate of completion that you can use in your test-limit waiver application.

You can find the application and detailed instructions on the TEA website

Why Do I Need CPE for Recertification?

Texas requires teachers to renew their certification every five years. As part of this process, you must earn 150 CPE clock hours. Passage Preparation courses are designed to prepare you for success on your TExES certification tests. Therefore, if you are a practicing teacher taking a Passage Preparation course such as our TExES English as a Second Language Supplemental (154) course for an add-on certification, you can apply the CPE clock hours you earn towards your recertification. The TEA website provides information about adding additional certifications for licensed teachers. 

How Do I Register for a Passage Preparation Course for CPE?

To register for a course with Passage Preparation, visit www.passprepproduc.wpenginepowered.com. Click on “Individuals” at the top right of the home page and then scroll down to our Texas page. Keeping the test you need to retake in mind, select the course or courses you need to register for and add them to your cart. 

Passage Preparation now offers CPE in Texas and we provide you with multiple options for course subscriptions, including bundles of courses such as  TExES Early Childhood PK-3, individual courses like TExES Special Education EC-12 (161), and 30 and 90-day subscriptions to both individual and bundled courses. 

When you check out, indicate whether you are taking your course(s) for CPE. This way, we will provide you with a certificate of completion which you can use to apply for your test-limit waiver or recertification with TEA. You can access that certificate in your Passage Preparation dashboard once you complete your course. Click “Account Access” to enter your Passage Preparation account and access your online courses.

Passage Preparation now offers CPE

How Will Passage Preparation Help Me with My Retake?

Teacher licensure assessments are challenging and rigorous, so it’s no surprise that sometimes candidates do not pass on the first attempt. It’s natural to be disappointed if you need to retake a licensure test, but with some important information, you can succeed. Passage Preparation can help you prepare to retake your certification exam and be successful!

  • Passage Preparation courses are aligned specifically to the content categories and standards each licensure test covers.
  • We provide a roadmap for your study through our Diagnostic Assessment and Study Plan features.
  • Our courses include Key Takeaways that summarize the main points of many content standards on your test. 

We also include practice quizzes and a Practice Assessment, which you can take as many times as necessary. These include items structured like the items you will find on your TExES certification test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Passage Preparation™ is an Approved Texas CPE provider!

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