Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA)

The Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) is required for all teachers seeking initial licensure. This test consists of two subtests: Reading (091) and Writing (092). These tests can be taken together at the same administration or separately. Either way, you have four hours and 15 minutes to complete the assessment.

Passage PreparationTM offers courses aligned to each VCLA subtest: Reading (091) and Writing (092). We also offer a bundle of both courses so you can prepare for both subtests with high-quality content, practice tests, and engagement activities and feel confident about your preparation for the VCLA!

VCLA Reading (091)

The VCLA Reading (091) assessment consists of 40 multiple-choice items. These items include a passage which you are required to read. You are then presented with multiple-choice items which ask you to demonstrate your comprehension of the written material. The standards for the Reading (091) subtest are available on pages 1-2 of the Test Blueprint. Passage Preparation’s course for this subtest provides test-taking tips, content aligned to the VCLA standards, and multiple opportunities for you to practice applying the content you master throughouot our course!

VCLA Writing (092)

The VCLA Writing (092) assessment consists of 46 items. These include 40 multiple-choice items, three short-answer items, and three constructed-response items. For the short-answer items, you are required to analyze a passage and write a summary. For the constructed-response items, you are required to analyze a prompt and write a well-crafted, thorough response. Passage Preparation’s course for this subtest provides you with all of the content you need to understand high-quality writing. Our course also includes detailed instructions to help you develop a well-crafted constructed response according to the VCLA Writing (092) subtest rubric.

Course Options

With Passage Preparation, you can enroll in each individual course or the full course bundle for 30 or 90 days. Our courses offer high-quality, in-depth preparation aligned specifically to the VCLA at an affordable price. Our courses are developed by subject-matter experts who also have significant experience with each state’s certification test requirements. This means that your Passage Preparation courses for the VCLA are tailored to each test’s specifications and you can feel assured that you will be prepared to pass this important assessment!

Additional Passage Preparation Courses for Virginia

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