Passage Preparation™ offers courses aligned to Praxis® Principles of Learning and Teaching Tests.

What are the Praxis® PLT Tests?

Praxis® Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) tests assess your knowledge of pedagogy, including understanding students as learners, the instructional process, and student assessment. Depending on your certification area and state requirement, you must pass one of these certification tests. Passage Preparation has developed courses to help you prepare for the PLT: K-6 (5622), PLT: 5-9 (5623), PLT 7-12 (5624), & PLT PK-12 (5625).

ETS administers the Praxis PLT tests. These tests focus on the principles and aspects of learning and teaching that are essential for planning and delivering instruction. This includes using state and district standards to plan your instruction. Additionally, these tests include items designed to evaluate your understanding of classroom assessment processes. This includes formative and summative assessment based on your state’s standards for student learning. Finally, these tests assess your understanding of professional and ethical standards in the teaching profession.

Praxis® PLT Test Structure

These tests consist of 100 multiple-choice questions. You have two hours to complete your test, and you will take this test in a computer-delivered format. ETS scores these certification exams on a scale, and each state determines the passing score. Passage Preparation courses provide you with content aligned to the test standards and practice tests. Moreover, we provide study and test-taking strategies so that you can prepare for success on your certification test.

Which States Require the Praxis® PLT Tests?

The following states require one or more Praxis PLT tests depending on your certification area:

How Do Passage Preparation™ Courses Help With Preparing for the Praxis® PLT Tests?

Passage Preparation courses are designed by experienced educators for educators. Our courses include in-depth content aligned to your certification tests. Additionally, they include practice tests with hundreds of items so you can practice your mastery of the content rather than just memorizing a list of items. We also include Key Takeaways which help you recall information quickly on test day. Finally, we include Checks for Understanding which allow you to interact with the content in ways above and beyond multiple choice quizzes or flashcards. We offer all of this at an affordable price. This sets us apart from other test preparation offerings.

Are There Additional Courses Coming?

Yes! Passage Preparation is adding new courses all the time. You can check our website and browse by exam to find the Passage Preparation course(s) you need. The following Praxis® courses are coming soon:

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