Tips for Successfully Passing Your Praxis® Teacher Certification Exams 

The Praxis® teacher certification tests are a series of standardized tests that assess prospective teachers’ content and pedagogical knowledge. These are required in over 25 states. ETS develops and administers Praxis® teacher certification tests. Preparing for these certification exams can be challenging, but your chances of success increase with effective Praxis study tips and tricks. Passage Preparation™ provides affordable, high-quality assessment preparation for prospective teachers preparing to take the Praxis licensure tests. 

You have come to the right place if you don’t know where to start. Let us be your guide to help you study effectively for your Praxis Teacher Certification tests.

Familiarize Yourself with the Praxis Teacher Certification Test Format

One of the first Praxis study tips and tricks is to familiarize yourself with the test format. Your Praxis exam will include multiple choice items and may potentially include constructed response or essay items. These items are aligned to professional standards and designed to assess your content knowledge in specific areas. These include Biology or Elementary Education Social Studies. Also, they include your pedagogical knowledge or how to teach these content areas in early childhood, elementary, or secondary settings.  

It is essential to understand the structure of the test, the types of questions asked, and the time limit for each section. For example, if you are taking a Mathematics test, you need to know if a calculator is allowed or provided. In each Passage Preparation course, we provide an assessment overview. This outlines the structure of your licensure assessment, including item types and scoring structure.  In addition, our courses include practice assessments with hundreds of items that reflect the structure of your certification exam. These include specific feedback for each multiple choice item and examples of successfully constructed response items as necessary. 

Enroll in a Passage Preparation Course to Study for Praxis

To prepare for your exam, you can enroll in the Passage Preparation course or course bundle aligned to the teacher certification tests you are required to take. Passage Preparation courses offer robust content, key takeaways, and engagement activities. These o help you review for your Praxis® teacher certification tests. In addition, our diagnostic and practice tests help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to plan your study to enhance confidence in your content knowledge and understanding of the test format. 

 Identify Areas for Improvement as You Study

Passage Preparation courses are asynchronous. This means that you are able to move through the content in a way that fits your study plan. To help you identify priority areas for study, Passage Preparation courses include a Diagnostic Assessment and Practice Assessment report. These help you identify the content areas you should prioritize as you study. Also, Passage Preparation courses include a Study Plan to help you map your study timeline and order.

Create a Study Plan for the Praxis Test

One of the other recommended Praxis study tips and tricks is to develop a study plan. Using Passage Preparation’s Diagnostic Assessment and study plan template, you will develop a study schedule. This includes time for reviewing materials, taking practice tests, and identifying areas that need more attention. Passage Preparation courses show the percentage of the test devoted to each standard or content area. Using this breakdown and your diagnostic test report, you can identify the areas to prioritize as you study.

Praxis assessment breakdown

Stay Organized as you Study

It is a good idea to organize your study time by backwards planning. Think about:

  1. When you need to apply for certification, including licensure test scores
  2. When you should take your test in order to receive your scores in time for your certification application date 
  3. How long you have to study for your exams

Additionally, your educator preparation program may require evidence of passing these tests prior to placements such as student teaching. They may also require evidence of your preparation for licensure exams before recommending you to sit for them. Passage Preparation courses include an assessment report showing your mastery of competencies, domains, and outcomes. This is helpful for this purpose.

Take Care of Yourself While you Study for the Praxis

A positive mindset will work wonders, and this is another of the recommended Praxis study tips and tricks. Take a deep breath. Prepare using the high-quality and in-depth content and activities provided in your Passage Preparation course and focus on your goals. In addition, get enough sleep and eat well so you are in the best possible physical and mental condition for the test. You’ve got this!

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