Passage Preparation™ offers courses aligned to over 25 NES® certification tests used in states such as Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.

What are the NES Tests?

Pearson develops the National Evaluation Series™ certification exams aligned to state and national standards. States use these certification tests to evaluate the pedagogical and content knowledge of those seeking educator, or teacher, certification.

NES tests cover a variety of content areas, such as:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Middle Grades Content Areas
  • Secondary Content Areas
  • Pedagogy
  • Essential Academic Skills, or Basic Skills, such as Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

How are NES® Tests Structured?

NES certification tests are designed to evaluate your mastery of standards required for teaching in specific content areas. They are designed according to specialized domains (or standards) and related competencies. These competencies serve as the breakdown of the broader domains.

Breakdown of NES Business domains and competencies

Item Types on the NES® Tests

Depending on the content area and purpose of the assessment NES certification tests vary in item types and number of items. Some NES tests include only multiple choice items. Some tests include both multiple choice and constructed response items. Passage Preparation courses help prepare you for both types of items by breaking them down and explaining how to approach them.

Breakdown of test item types

Which States Require NES® Tests?

Each state has its own requirements for teacher certification exams. Licensure in specific content areas often requires a test of content knowledge. Some states may also require you to pass an assessment of pedagogy skills. Click on the state in which you are preparing to become certified to access the Passage Preparation course for your required NES certification test.

How Do Passage Preparation™ Courses Help?

Passage Preparation courses are designed by experienced educators for educators. Our courses include in-depth content aligned to your certification tests. Additionally, they include practice tests with hundreds of items so you can practice your mastery of the content rather than just memorizing a list of items. We also include Key Takeaways which help you recall information quickly on test day. Finally, we include Checks for Understanding which allow you to interact with the content in ways above and beyond multiple choice quizzes or flashcards. We offer all of this at an affordable price. This sets us apart from other test preparation offerings.

Are There Additional Courses Coming?

Yes! Passage Preparation is adding new courses all the time. You can check our website and browse by exam to find the Passage Preparation course(s) you need.

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