Aspiring teachers required to take and pass the Foundations of ReadingTM, sometimes referred to as the FOR, for professional certification can rely Passage Preparation to help them pass this assessment of reading instruction.


The Foundations of Reading (FOR)TM assessment started in Massachusetts but is now required in ten additional states. Those states include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah, and Wisconsin.

The recently updated Foundations of ReadingTM (190) measures candidates’ ability to deliver reading instruction. Those include understanding of the foundations of reading development, and development of reading comprehension. Additionally, reading assessment/instruction, foundational reading skills, and reading comprehension are also covered. The Passage Preparation Foundations of Reading course helps candidates understand what is expected of them on this assessment. Further, candidates practice taking the test and prepare to pass it using practice tests with items that reflect the structure of the actual certification exam.

Passage Preparation Courses Offer More

Unlike other study guides, Passage Preparation offers an in-depth course aligned to the test objectives and subareas covered on the FOR. In addition, candidates complete both diagnostic and practice tests with hundreds of sample multiple-choice questions, each providing feedback in real time, and opportunities to practice open-response items like those on the summative assessment.

Content Covered on Foundations of Reading

Expert educators break down complex topics into manageable and understandable modules to help you understand the content covered on this teacher certification test. You are provided opportunities to engage in the content and practice taking the test multiple times.

In other words, teachers created these courses for teachers!

Prepare for Success: Enroll Today

In short, You can pass the FOR and Passage Preparation can help you do it. On test day, you need to be confident you understand what is expected of you. We will help you grow that confidence! Enroll in the course today and be ready to pass the test!

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Nathan has over 20 years of experience in the educator preparation and certification space. In that time, Nathan has worked in a state education agency, leading the state’s efforts to recruit, prepare, license, and retain professional and support staff and on the national level for large companies providing assessment solutions for the education field.

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