Prepare for your Praxis® Business: Content Knowledge (5101) Certification Test with Passage Preparation™

Passage Preparation™ now offers a preparation course for the Praxis Business: Content Knowledge (5101) teacher certification test. Our courses are high-quality, in-depth, and provide opportunities for you to test your knowledge of business education with multiple practice assessments and engaging activities to pass your Praxis business education test. 

Why Should I Teach Business Education?

Are you a career switcher with a background in business who is looking for a way to connect with students and prepare them for a career in business? Do you feel that your professional experiences would benefit a secondary education student, often in grades 6-12, who may be interested in pursuing a career in business? You may be interested in teaching business education and applying your knowledge and first-hand experience to the classroom as a business education teacher.

 What Content Areas are Included in P-12 Business Education?

Business education includes a number of specific content areas and competencies. These include:

Additionally, you will need a strong understanding of effective pedagogical strategies in order to effectively deliver instruction to your students, encourage their motivation, and support their success. The National Business Education Association (NBEA) offers guidance around effective business education and instruction as well as national standards that guide P-12 business education curriculum.

What Do I Need to Do to Become a Business Education Teacher?

To become a business education teacher, you will likely need to complete specific coursework related to the competencies listed above and coursework focused on pedagogical or teaching strategies. In some states, such as Virginia, you may be eligible to apply professional experience in lieu of the coursework requirements, meaning that you can substitute evidence of successful professional experience that relates to the subject area you wish to teach for some of the requirements for content-area coursework. 

Alternatively, you may wish to enter the classroom via a traditional educator preparation program (EPP) by earning a baccalaureate and sometimes a master’s degree. You may also meet the requirements for business education teacher certification through an alternate route to certification. An example of this would be iteach. Through this pathway, you may begin teaching under a provisional license and complete the required content and pedagogy coursework while teaching. This pathway often requires you to earn your license within three years.  

Licensure testing

In almost all cases, you are required to pass a teacher licensure test (also called a certification exam or certification test) to demonstrate your mastery of the content you wish to teach. The Praxis Business: Content Knowledge (5101) is used in 33 states to measure business education teachers’ understanding of business education content. 

Licensure tests are challenging and are designed to measure whether you meet a certain level of mastery of the content you are preparing to teach. This ensures that your students receive high-quality instruction, which will prepare them for further education in business at the P-12 or secondary level. To best support your students, you must first prepare yourself for your business Praxis.

How Should I Prepare for the Praxis Business: Content Knowledge (5101)?

Know the Content for Praxis Business

First, familiarize yourself with the content covered on this certification exam. The Praxis Business: Content Knowledge (5101) covers the content areas in the diagram below. You can also see here how the Passage Preparation™ course for The Praxis Business: Content Knowledge (5101) aligns to the content covered on the exam.

The Praxis Business: Content Knowledge (5101) includes 120 selected-response items. Selected-response, or multiple choice, items typically include a question stem and four answer choices. One of these choices is the correct answer. 

It is a good idea to eliminate at least two of the answer choices immediately given your knowledge of the content. Then, applying your knowledge, you can choose the answer that best fits the question stem for the Praxis Business exam. 

You should always try to answer all of the questions on your certification test. Your score is based on the number of questions you answer correctly; therefore, if you leave an item blank, you have missed an opportunity to select a correct answer, even if you had to guess! However, if you’ve studied and prepared using Passage Preparation™ courses you won’t have to guess at the correct answer because you can be confident that you have mastered the content covered on the Praxis Business: Content Knowledge (5101) exam.

Which states use the Praxis Business: Content Knowledge (5101)?

The following states use the Praxis Business: Content Knowledge (5101):

Frequently Asked Questions

Passage Preparation™ Can Help You Prepare to Enter a Career in P-12 Business Education with Our Praxis® Business: Content Knowledge (5101) Course!

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