Hiring for teaching positions starting in Fall 2023 is happening now! You are likely preparing to earn your teaching credentials, including passing the certification tests required by your state. Passage Preparation™ is here to support you on your journey to becoming a licensed teacher and entering the classroom in Fall 2023.

The United States Department of Education lists Teacher Shortage Areas by state each year. You can use this resource to identify areas for teacher certification and likely teacher hiring in your state.

Typically, school districts will require that you be certified in the subject area and grade band in which you wish to teach. Steps for earning certification may include:

  1. Completing coursework required by your state;
  2. Completing in-practice clock hours such as practica and student teaching;
  3. Passing scores on certification tests, including pedagogy and content knowledge tests, and;
  4. Criminal background checks which may include fingerprinting, as well as ancillary requirements such as CPR and child abuse or neglect training.

Teacher Licensure and Teacher Testing

Teacher licensure or teacher certification requirements vary by state. To start, visit the website of the state education agency authorized to issue licenses to learn what is required, including passing scores on teacher certification exams, coursework, and field experience, such as student teaching hours.

One of the most important steps to earning teacher certification is passing your teacher licensure exams. Depending on your licensure area, you may be required to take multiple teacher certification exams. For example, if you seek certification for Elementary Education in Connecticut, you must pass the Pearson™ Foundations of Reading (190) Assessment and the Praxis® Elementary Education Multiple Subjects (5001) test, which includes four separate assessments.

While it may seem daunting to prepare for these assessments, Passage Preparation™ offers in-depth study materials to help you succeed! Courses include content and teacher practice tests for assessments required in over 30 states, including Foundations of Reading, Praxis® Teaching Reading, Praxis® Elementary Education Multiple Subjects Tests (5001), Elementary Education Bundle (5006), and over 15 Praxis® secondary content-area tests.

Planning for Licensure

The first step in planning to earn your license is to identify when you plan to apply for teacher certification and then map out your path, including certification testing. If you are enrolled in a teacher preparation program, you may need to meet specific requirements such as completing coursework and clock hours in a school placement such as student teaching. Depending on your state, you may also need to present evidence of program completion to be recommended to sit for your teacher certification tests.

Some teacher preparation programs require candidates to test before student teaching. Some programs require that you take your certification tests during student teaching. It’s a good idea to reach out to your advisor to determine when your program requires you to test based on your graduation or program completion date. Check out our blog, which describes how to determine which tests are required in your state.

Most states require 8-10 weeks to review teacher certification application materials. If you hope to be certified and secure a position for Fall 2023, you should submit your application materials, including passing scores on your certification tests, by the end of May. This means it’s time to study!

How to Study for Certification Tests

You can begin to prepare for your teacher licensure tests by identifying the content covered on each test you are required to take. Passage Preparation courses help you break down the test, identify the content categories, and provide in-depth study materials and practice items to help you prepare.

You have likely already been introduced to the content covered on your test either through your preparation program or through your bachelor’s degree. Still, preparing and refreshing your understanding of the standards and substandards covered on your test is important. Understanding and practicing taking tests structured in the way the items on your certification exam are designed is also essential. All of these components will help you be successful on your test.

Why Passage Preparation™ ?

Passage Preparation courses include a diagnostic assessment that allows you to identify the standards or areas you should prioritize as you study. As you work through the course, you will find Checks for Understanding. These Checks for Understanding are similar to quizzes on the content but encourage you to engage with the material and content in-depth, such as items that require you to categorize or match terms to definitions. In addition, each course module includes a quiz that reflects the types of items you will see on your test, and Key Takeaways, which summarize the main points of the content pages you studied throughout the module.

Finally, all Passage Preparation courses include a Practice Assessment which reflects the content and structure of the teacher certification test you’re preparing for. This may include multiple choice questions and constructed response questions if your certification test includes these question types. You can access an Assessment Report which shows your mastery of outcomes, domains, and/or competencies covered on your test through your Passage Preparation account for both your diagnostic and practice assessments. You may be required to present your report for your Practice Assessment to your educator preparation program or school district to register for your licensure assessment.

Passage Preparation courses will help you take an important step in your journey to achieving teacher certification and securing a teaching position in Fall 2023. Prepare for your teacher certification tests with Passage Preparation™ courses today!

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